LED Quantum board 100W-600W

Short Description:

1.High power full spectrum plant supplementary light.

2.Power Range 100-600W,Electrical efficiency (max):2.7μmol/J

3.Adjust the light intensity(0-100%) and lighting time( 6H、8H、10H、12H、14H、16H、18H、20H、22H、24H(24H per period)) by controller(optional).

4.Beam angle 120°


6.Full spectrum including 4000K、6500K、660nm 730nm,。accelerate the growth of the roots and stems of plants,  it can make leaf surface grow large, flowers and fruits fast.

7.SOSEN or MEAN WELL driver,LED use SSC、SAMSUNG or customized

8.IP Rated : IP65.

9.ODM,OEM acceptable

Product Detail

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Specification of different versions:

5ST012-1 5ST012-2 5ST012-3 5ST012-4 5ST012-6
Input power 100W±3% 200W±3% 300W±3% 400W±3% 600W±3%
Input voltage 100-277VAC 100-277VAC 100-277VAC 100-277VAC 100-277VAC
PPE(μmol/J) 2.1-2.7 2.1-2.7 2.1-2.7 2.1-2.7 2.1-2.7
Life time(L70) 50,000H 50,000H 50,000H 50,000H 50,000H
Dimming (optional) 0-10V PWM 0-10V PWM 0-10V PWM 0-10V PWM 0-10V PWM
Veg Coverage 3×2.5FT at 16″ 3x5FT at 18″ 3x8FT at 18″ 5x5FT at 18″ 5x8FT at 18″
Beam angle 120° 120° 120° 120° 120°



●Provide light for herbs, fruits, vegetables, flowers and other heliophile to achieve normal photosynthesis of plants.

●Provide light for Abel planting system and Basement, grow tent.

●low energy consumption,Save 30% compare with HPS,long lifetime reach11 years。

●Perfect for 3.5×3.5ft bloom stage,4×4ft veg stage.

●Depending on the spectral needs of the plant, different spectrum curves can be customized for the customer.

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