Led Plant Wall Grow Light

Short Description:

1.Specially for the hotel, guesthouse, home, exhibition hall and other indoor plant background wall to provide professional light, so that the background wall of flowers and plants can grow normally.
2.160W Full spectrum and high-power grow light.
Power: 160W ,PPF≥380μmol/s,
3.Adjust the light intensity and lighting time by the controller (optional).
4.Professional light distribution design can make the light cover the plant background wall evenly.
5.Full spectrum led,the main wavelength contains 450nm, 630nm, 660nm and 730nm. It can be customized.
6.Sosen or Meanwell driver, Samsung 、OSRAM or Customer-designated LEDs.
7.Provide light for Abel planting system and basement, plant tent, multi-layered planting medicinal plants.

Product Detail

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Product Name LED Plant Wall Light 160W

PPF 380μmol/s PPFD@19.7”(max)≥100(μmol/㎡s)

Net weight  3.8   kg

Input power 160W

Lifetime L70: > 50,000hrs


Power Factor > 90%

Input voltage 100-277VAC      Working Temperature -20℃—40℃

Fixture Dimensions 47.6” L x 2.7” W x 3.1” H

Certification CE/FCC/ROHS/ETL

Warranty 3yrs

Dimming  (Select) 0-10V IP level IP64

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