Abel Growlight 80W

Short Description:

1.High-power grow light.

2.Power 80W,≥4600lm.

3.Automatically switch the ratio between blue and red light in growing stage and flowering stage.

4.Beam angle 110°.

5.PPFD≥1200μmol /m²s @20cm.

6.Full spectrum led,the main wavelength contains 390nm, 450nm, 630nm, 660nm and 730nm.

7.Lamp Height: 50cm-190cm.

8.Input 36VDC 2.3A.  

9.One-button setup, simple operation. 

Product Detail

Product Tags

Product Name Abel grow light Beam angle  110°
Material ABS Main wavelength 390、450、470、630、660、730nm
Input voltage DC36V Net weight 3000g
Current 2.3A Working Temperature 0℃—40℃
Output power (Max.) 80W Warranty 1yrs
Lamp Height(adjustable) 50cm-180cm( tripod) Certification CE/FCC/ROHS
PPFD(20cm) ≥1200(μmol/㎡s) Product size 260*260*190 (light)
Red: blueseedling 2.5:1 IP level IP20
Red: blueFlower 3:1    

Features & Benefits:

Provide light for herbs, fruits, vegetables and flowers to achieve normal photosynthesis of plants.

Used as one part of smart indoor growing system, provide light for Maisie, Abel iGrowPot and other potted plants. Let the plants grow faster, flowering earlier and mature faster.

Adjust the height of light/tripod to meet the different requirements of light intensity for each growing stage. The highest leave of plant is 20-40cm below the light.

Two or three grow lights can be connected to the tripod. The lights can be controlled at same time so that the plants will flower as intended.

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