Maisie smart growpot;hydeoponic grow pot and led grow lamp;

Short Description:

1. Rapid planting

2.Full spectrum led, 8W-22W.

3. 1-2 plants.

4.Different humidity for different growing stage.

5.The amount of dissolved oxygen in water ≥8mg/L. 

6.Reminder function and protection for water shortage. 

7.Reminder function PH test and water changing. 

8.Input: 12VDC 2A, energy saving.

9.Growing stage adjustable: seedling/growth/flower.

10.Keep the water temperature above 15 °C

Product Detail

Product Tags

Product Name Maisie CCT: 4500K-5500K
Material ABS Beam angle 120°
Input voltage 12VDC Full spectrum( main wavelength) 450、630、660、730nm
Current 2A Net weight 2400g
Power (Max.) 22W Working Temperature 0℃—40℃
Water capacity (Max.) 1.6L Warranty 1yrs
PPFD(15cm) ≥415(μmol/㎡s) Certification CE/FCC/ROHS
Ra ≥90 Water temperature ≥15℃(choosable)

Features & Benefits

Planting some plants with thicker roots, the growth rate is more than 5 times faster than the soil.

It is especially suitable for tomatoes, mint, basil, lettuce, strawberries, oranges and other fruits, up to 12″-18″.

High yields, good taste.

Grows in water, not soil – advanced hydroponics made simple, clean, no pollution.

Easy, because it is hydroponics, only need to add water when you hear the alarm sound of insufficient water.

Easy to use touch button to achieve optimal planting methods.

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