LED Growpower S

Short Description:

1.Full Spectrum High Power Grow Light

2.Power: 45-135W,Light intensity: 2.2μmol/J

3.Adjust the light intensity and the time of lighting by the controller (optional).

4.Beam angle 90°, the light intensity is higher and the light loss is reduced.


6.Full spectrum led,the main wavelength contains 390nm, 450nm, 630nm, 660nm and 730nm.

7.Sosen or meanwell driver, Samsung 、SSC or Customer-designated LEDs.

8.IP level:IP65

9.The length and power of the lamp can be designed according to the needs of the user.

10.ODM,OEM acceptable.

Product Detail

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Product Name LED Growpower S22/S44/66 Lifetime L80: > 50,000hrs
PPFD@7.9”(max) ≥1240(μmol/㎡s) Power Factor   > 90%
Input voltage 100-277VAC Working Temperature -20℃—40℃
Mounting Height ≥6” (15.2cm)Above Canopy Certification CE/FCC/ETL
Thermal Management Passive Warranty 3yrs
Dimming (optional) 0-10V IP level IP65
Beam angle  90° Tube QTY. 1
Main wavelength(optional) 390,450,470,630,660,730nm    



Input power







Fixture Dimensions

LED Growpower S22




Indoor/Greenhouse 23.6” L x 2.43” W x 3” H
LED Growpower S44




Indoor/Greenhouse 46.6” L x 2.43” W x 3” H
LED Growpower S66




Indoor/Greenhouse 59” L x 2.43” W x 3” H

Spectrum,The standard Spectrum in the table can be customized according to customer needs.

Features & Benefits:

●Provide light for herbs, fruits, vegetables, flowers and other heliophile to achieve normal photosynthesis of plants.

●Provide light for Abel planting system and basement, plant tents, multi-layered plants for medicinal plants.

●Easy to install, can be used in planting tents, basements, plant factories.

●It is suitable for filling light or adjusting the spectrum in places such as greenhouses or low-light planting sheds and basements.

●Depending on the spectral needs of the plant, different spectrum curves can be customized for the customer.

●Unique lens, directional illumination, energy saving 10-50%.

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