NASA smart growpot

Short Description:

1. Simple operation, one-button control

2. Humidity adjustable.

3. Filter inside.

4. 1 plant

5. Different humidity for different growing stage.

6. The amount of dissolved oxygen in water ≥8mg/L. 

7. Input: 5VDC 1A, energy saving.

8. Keep the water temperature above 15 °C.

9. Combine with Eva, provide light for plants.



Product Detail

Product Tags

Product Name Nasa Input voltage DC5V
Material ABS Current 0.2A-1A
Tank material ABS Power 1W-5W
Product size 150*195mm Control Bottom
Net weight 350g Warranty 1yrs
IP level IP54 Certificate CE ROHS
Working Temperature 0-40℃ water temperature ≥15℃

Features & Benefits:

Plant small plants and diy beautiful waterscape.

The light in the middle can be used as a fun lamp or a night light.

Grows in water, not soil – advanced hydroponics made simple, clean, no pollution.

Easy, because it is hydroponics, only need to add water when you see it.

Easy to use touch button to achieve optimal planting methods.



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